Launch RunKeeper on Android

In my last post, I showed you how to launch RunKeeper from your iOS mobile app using some Objective-C URI magic.

I also promised a similar capability when we released our next update to RunKeeper for Android. And now the time has come, RunKeeper is ready on Google Play, and away you can go a’launching it from your own Android apps!

To launch the RunKeeper app on Android:

  1. Present the user with a button in your app that they can click to launch RunKeeper.
  2. When the user clicks that RunKeeper button, start the RunKeeper activity using the Intent com.fitnesskeeper.runkeeper.intent.action.MAIN
  3. If the user has an up to date RunKeeper release installed, the RunKeeper app should launch and they can begin tracking immediately.
  4. If the user has an older copy of RunKeeper, or hasn’t installed the RunKeeper app yet, prompt them to install the latest RunKeeper release from Google Play and then they can begin tracking after installation.

We’d love to hear from you and see examples of how you will use this capability, on Android and/or iOS. Please contact us in the comments if you’re doing so.

We might even feature you in an upcoming blog post or our new Health Graph (@healthgraphapi) “Best Practices” guide. And we’d love to hear your feedback on that guide, too!

Bill Day (@billday) is Platform Evangelist for RunKeeper where he helps developers learn about and use the Health Graph.

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9 Comments on “Launch RunKeeper on Android”

  1. Art says:

    Is there any way to start a Runkeeper activity through an Intent?

    I’ve been using Runkeeper for a while to track my runs and love the service, but I’ve been trying to figure out a way to start an activity through Tasker and NFC tags. It would be useful to start the activity this way, especially when running in the cold!

    Thanks, in advance, for the response


    • Bill Day says:

      Great request, thanks Art!

      You can start the RunKeeper app via the Intent outlined above, but I believe you’re wanting is to start tracking a fitness activity using the RunKeeper app instead, and unfortunately we don’t currently expose that capability via an Android Intent.

      However, we are considering it. If you’d like to send any additional ideas or details around this directly to me, you can via email to:

      Thanks again,
      Bill Day
      RunKeeper Platform Evangelist & PM

      • R. says:

        It would be really nice feature to start/stop activity with some Intent. One tap onto NFC tag and done, you can go running ;)
        None of sport tracking apps has support for NFC tags or Tasker automation – why not to be first?

      • Nate H says:

        I would second that option – I think it’d be great to use Tasker to
        1) set media volume to a safe level
        2) start playing my podcast queue
        3) start runkeeper
        4) choose a specific activity type (e.g. walking)
        5) turn off audio cues (because I don’t care about my pace when walking the dog)
        6) begin the activity

  2. Wild Nat says:

    I’m in for this too. I’m constantly forgetting to stop Runkeeper at the end of my activity. If I could have Tasker automatically start my activity with NFC and stop it at my destination and save my run it would be awesome.

  3. 4rn0 says:

    Using tasker with NFC tag you can load runkeeper, start your activity. Tap again the tag to stop and save it. Works flawlessly!

    • Maz says:

      Hiya 4rno, sorry if i missed something but on my note2 using runkeeper (v3.9.1), when i configure tasker, under launch activity I only have the following options:
      1. com.fitnesskeeper.runkeeper.runkeeper.runkeeperLaunchScreen
      2. com.fitnesskeeper.runkeeper.runkeeper.activity
      3. com.fitnesskeeper.runkeeper.runkeeper.alertsAlertsActivity
      The first 2 simply launch the app, but it does not kick off the activity.
      The 3rd lists alerts.
      So how did u get it to work flawlessly and actually start an activity with a tag?

      I would love this so when i jump on my bike, i can tag on to start and tag again to stop.

  4. As I wrote in the google group (link below) I think the easiest way for the dev to get exercise start working with Tasker is to have a setting in RunKeeper that lets the logging start directly when the app starts (or when there is a gps fix).

    That way you can use NFC/time of day + lost wifi connection/whatever to make Tasker launch RunKeeper and the logging will start right away.!topic/HealthGraph/q2b6VDileto

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